The Curious Peach

The show is performed in front of our giant, inflatable peach and can accommodate up to 100 guests per performance, sitting on the floor. It is 30 minutes long and is a collection of stories, songs and facts about insects and their relationships with humans, from all around the world. The ‘magic peach’ (and the kids’ imaginations) is what allows us to ‘travel’ around the world on our global bug safari, and the children choose where we go next. It is a combination of entertainment and education, bringing insects to life for the audience. We hope to change peoples’ attitudes to insects, opening their eyes to the vital contributions the many species make to our existence and to their extraordinary diversity.

The show involves a cast of 3; Old Green Grasshopper, Miss Spider and Lady Bird. Grasshopper is also accompanied by his old, blind (puppet) friend Earthworm.

Once the audience have gathered, and after some introductions and a song, Grasshopper explains that the Peach has magical powers and can transport us all to anywhere in the world. We then produce a spinner with names of the places in the world from where we have gathered insect stories or facts, and hand it to an audience member who will spin it and decide our first destination. We all engage in a bit of visual imagination, accompanied by some sound effects, as we fly off to our fist destination. Once arrived, one of the three characters tells the local story or insect facts. This repeats as we proceed around the globe. We intersperse the action with songs and poems and also some insect dancing, ending with our usual conga.

By the end of the tour we hope that the audience will feel more informed and familiar with insects and even develop a sense or respect and amazement at the incredible diversity among the different species. We also hope to highlight some of the essential things that insects do for humans without which we would actually cease to exist.

We can do the show up to three times a day.